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February 11, 2020

CAFTCAD Awards Nominations 2020

The CAFTCAD Award nominations were announced on January 16, 2020 and NABET 700-M UNIFOR would like to congratulate its Members on their numerous nominations.

Specifically, we would like to recognize the following NABET 700-M UNIFOR Members on their nomination and outstanding work:

Excellence in Building, Eastern Canada

Murdoch Mysteries, Season 13
Cutter: Erika Fulop
Cutter and Sewer for Julia Ogden: Nona Prilipko
Stitchers: Mary Furlong
Milliner: Charlene Seniuk

Costume Design in Short Film
Home in Time
Costume Desginer: Joanna Syrokomla
Assistant Costume Designer/Set Supervisor: Sarah Friedlander

Costume Design in Web Series

Deep Six, 101, Our Ticket Home
Costume Designer: Judith Ann Clancy
Assistant Designer/ Set Supervisor: Roshelle Schnare

How to Buy a Baby, 206
Costume Designer: Judith Ann Clancy

Costume Design in TV - Contemporary
Baroness Von Sketch, 401, Humanity is in an Awkward Stage
Costume Design: Nicole Manek
Assistant Designer: Elise Taylor
Set Supervisor: Delaney Hicock
Truck Supervisor: Aleksia Pavlovic

Costume Design in TV - Period Anne
With an E, 306, The Summit of My Desires
Costume Designer: Alex Reda
Assistant Costume Designer: Alima Meyboom
Costume Supervisor: Jenna McCutchen
Background Coordinator: Stuart Farndell
Wardrobe Assistant: Miranda Lumley
Buyer: Randi Littlefair
Cutter: Lois Van Koughnet
Builders: Anna-Claude Biron, Jennifer Snowsill, Julia Hodgson, Lise St. Germain
Breakdown Artist: Jane Edmondson Milliner: Julie Munson
Set Supervisor: Maria Popoff
Truck Supervisor: Deidra Morris

Murdoch Mysteries, 1215, One Minute to Murder
Costume Designer: Joanna Syrokomla
Assistant Designer: Charlene Seniuk
Background Coordinator: Stuart Farndell
Cutter: Erika Fulop
Stitchers: Mary Furlong and Julie Munson
Set Supervisor: Jenny Buck
Truck Supervisor: Paul Breckenbridge
Costume Assistant: Anna-Claude Biron

Costume Design in Film - Contemporary
Disappearance at Clifton Hill
Costume Designer: Judith Ann Clancy
Assistant Costume Designer: Sara Brzozowski and Anna-Claude Biron
Set Supervisor: Rachel Ford
Truck Supervisor: Sam Rice

Costume Design in Film - Period
The Lighthouse
Costume Designer: Linda Muir
Milner: Julie Munson
Aging/Breakdown: Alima Meyboom

Costume Designer: Ginger Martini

Costume Designer: Lea Carlson
Assistant Costume Designer: Minda Johnson
Costume Buyer: Sandra Ardagna
Background Coordinator: Clarke Stanley
On Set Supervisor: Jenn Lantz

A full list of the CAFTCAD nominees can be found here: https://www.thecaftcadawards.com/nominations-1.

Congratulations and best of luck at the awards ceremony!

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