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May 16, 2011

Flashpoint’s Enrico Colantoni on Flashpoint’s US return

May 11th, 2011 -

‘Flashpoint’s’ Enrico Colantoni: ‘We appreciate it when CBS can utilize us‘ ABC’s soon-to-return “Rookie Blue” and upcoming “Combat Hospital” also are results of the increase in American-Canadian series co-productions. “We’re very, very proud of that,” Colantoni says of the role “Flashpoint” has played in opening that door. “It was serendipitous that things were going on in the U.S. like the writers strike.”

"Not since 'Due South' had a Canadian show graced primetime in the U.S. like that, thanks to producers like CTV and Global that are willing to put more money into their shows. It's an international market now. The world is a small place, and everybody's watching the same thing."

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