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April 2, 2012

Hollywood stars bunker down in world’s deepest movie set

Entertainment Reporter, Mar 29, 2012

NORTH BAY, ONT.—Laurence Fishburne is camped out in a dimly lit tunnel, leaning back in a director’s chair as he waits for makeup.

The actor is dressed in the costume of a post-apocalyptic survivor, a kind of grungy L.L. Bean chic, heavy boots and soiled cargos. But he might as well be wearing Armani — the actor’s innately regal bearing makes rags look like gold-threaded robes.

It is his first day on the set of The Colony after arriving from Los Angeles and he now finds himself, a little incongruously, 68 storeys below the earth, holed up in an underground nuclear bunker in this picturesque Northern Ontario city.


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