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October 11, 2013

Weekly Update from Film Ontario, October 11, 2013

TORONTO ONTARIO film office - A partnership of the Ontario Media Development Corporation, City of Toronto and FilmOntario.
WEEKLY UPDATE October 11, 2013
from Kelly Graham-Scherer, Los Angeles Representative -

Happy Friday everyone!

The lobby efforts behind an increased California production tax incentive have started in earnest. As reported in the Los Angeles Times below, a group of entertainment industry executives and labor leaders this week called on state lawmakers to support the state's "signature industry" in the wake of last week's announcement of plans to introduce new tax credit legislation.,0,3315821.story

Film production was up by 9% in L.A. County in the third quarter of 2013: as reported in the Times below, the increase marks the third consecutive quarter of growth this year in location filming, according to data released Tuesday by FilmL.A. Inc., which handles permits for the city and the county.,0,23973.story

Anyone who reads the industry trades knows that predicting a film's performance at the box office is this town's most popular spectator sport. But as the L.A. Times pointed out in an engaging feature this week, box office tracking is becoming an increasingly unreliable indicator of how much money a film is destined to earn.,0,5089944.story

Screen-based stakeholders in British Columbia seem to be taking in stride the news that Pixar will close its doors there. As reported in the Globe and Mail below, although the closure will result in the loss of 100 jobs, the animation and VFX industry in Vancouver is described as "still huge" and "growing".

Industry web site Vulture this week featured an editorial piece that caught my eye from prolific L.A.-based indie producer Gavin Polone. In a wide-ranging attack on wasteful practices at the studios Polone advises that the best way to "fix Hollywood" is for the majors to adopt an indie attitude.

The migration of advertising dollars across platforms continues: as detailed in the L.A. Times below, spending on Internet advertising topped $20 billion during the first six months of this year, an 18% increase over the $17 billion spent during the first half of 2012.,0,5227223.story

And finally this week, the link below leads to the best viral video I've seen on the Internet in a while: check out what happens when unsuspecting coffee shop customers are pranked by Sony Screen Gems, which is promoting the Toronto-shot Carrie remake, which bows on October 18.

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