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November 17, 2014

Weekly Update from Film Ontario, November 17, 2014

Weekly Update from Kelly Graham-Scherer, Los Angeles Representative

Here in Los Angeles the future of Dreamworks Animation continues to be the subject of much speculation. As reported in the L.A. Times below, CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg has been openly shopping the industry's leading animation studio in recent months and reports this week of a potential sale to toy giant Hasbro has Wall Street hearts aflutter.

Staggering numbers continue to roll in regarding the relationship the Mouse House currently enjoys with the U.K. As detailed in Forbes magazine below, The Walt Disney Company spent a record $577.4 million making movies in Britain last year according to recently-released financial statements.

In a related story, Variety reports that filming incentives in the U.K. have been so successful, they’ve caused a severe shortage of studio space.

Variety also published a very engaging and comprehensive feature on the downward ratings trend among domestic cable networks. As detailed below, NBC Universal's CEO Steve Burke shocked Hollywood this week with comments that articulated the sentiment among media-biz watchers that the halcyon days of growth for the largest ad-supported entertainment cablers is coming to an end.

And the final clipping this week is out of Canada where CTV News took at look at a story we've been following here for many months: the tax credit offensive which California hopes will once again make it the production capital of the world.

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