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February 4, 2015

Bitten, Season 2 premieres February 7th, 2015 on Space

10 Things to Remember from Bitten Season 1

January 22, 2015SPACE

1. Resisting The Change is not an option 

Wolves have to run. Sure, it’d be easier to hang out in their beautiful human forms, living their beautiful human lives, but bad things happen when you resist your wolf nature. Remember episode one? Elena had been repressing her inner wolf for too long. The result: an involuntary change at an inopportune moment. 

2. The Change 

Elena is the only known woman to ever survive being bitten by a werewolf. Even tough-as-nails chicks like Amber can’t withstand The Change. While anyone can be bitten, men (though not all of them) are the only ones to survive the first Change. Male children fathered by a werewolf can be born with the ability to change, but aren’t able to do so until they hit puberty (like Nick, for example) but only if they’re genetic male werewolves. Clay, being the exception, was bitten as a child and was actually able to Change since he was young; explains a lot about him, don’t ya think? 

3. The Change, Part 2 

Newly turned werewolves have a hard time controlling The Change. Any extreme stimulus (like Elena’s claws to the chest) can cause a new wolf to transform—and go on a murderous rampage up in da club. 

4. Want to be in this gang? Follow the rules. Or else. 

Werewolf rules: No killing humans. Mutts aren’t allowed territory and must stay on the move. Male children born into The Pack are supposed to be raised by The Pack. (Emphasis on the “supposed to be”—hey, rules are made to be broken, right?) But above all: there’s no telling humans that werewolves exist; it’s best to just let them live in horror movies and nightmares. Snitches get stitches and their human pals get an early funeral. 

5. Revenge is best served while it’s still warm 

Contrary to the old adage, The Pack acts quickly when Mutts get out of line. And mercy isn’t often on the menu. 

6. Traitors are around every corner 

Mutts can’t be trusted. How many times was The Pack double-crossed before they learned this lesson? 

7. Love bites 

That love triangle between Clay, Elena, and Philip? It was resolved. Philip doesn’t stand much of a chance against Clay anymore now that he’s a good head shorter than he used to be. (Too soon?) 

8. Love bites, Part 2 

The reason why Clay bit Elena: to save her from being killed by Jeremy. Nice of The Pack Alpha to finally get around to telling her that. 

9. The Mutts are organized 

Who’s behind the Mutt uprising? Malcolm Danvers (aka James Williams). Jeremy’s father is bent on destroying The Pack at Stonehaven. He’s the force that’s driving all the trouble that has been visited on The Pack this season. 

10. Wolves are wild animals 

We don’t recommend keeping one as a pet. 

Catch up on the entire first season of Bitten on CraveTV, and tune in to Space February 7 at 9e 10p for the premiere of season two. Ah-wooooo!

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