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June 19, 2015

Weekly Update from Film Ontario, June 19, 2015


According to the OMDC, and our LA office, new projects are scouting, at the same rate as last year. This is good news!

In our Government relations work, we are working towards a statement of commitment to protect these new, current rates, going forwards, and are meeting with bureaucrats, political staffers, and all three parties to achieve this goal.

We encourage you to reach out to your MPPs and Ministers Coteau, Duguid, Sousa, Matthews and Premier Wynne, with your thanks for protecting the OFTTC from grind, and implementing amendments for OPSTC and OCASE changes, and the importance of stability going forwards.

The OMDC has expressed a willingness to participate in a FilmOntario session to review the OPSTC and OCASE changes which will impact any new projects since April 23, 2015. Please email me at if this would be of interest.

In our Marketing work, we are working closely with our marketing partners at the City and the Province, to plan our 2015-16 activities.

The Federal Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage has completed its review of the feature film industry in Canada. our industry co-chair, Jennifer Jonas, appeared on FilmOntario's behalf - and our thanks to other Members who appeared as well! You can read the report here.

Take care,

Sarah Ker-Hornell
CEO & Executive Director

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