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September 10, 2018

September 7th News Report from your Los Angeles Representative

Happy Friday everyone,

The Toronto International Film Festival officially got underway last night. The trades are covering every breathless moment and many of you, no doubt, are resigned to at least a week of no sleep. Enjoy every minute of the insanity and try to maintain good cheer during a TIFF that the Los Angeles Times describes as brimming over with "movies that reflect a charged sense of unease and uncertainty".

It may have been locked out of competition at Cannes, but Netflix is poised to make its mark at TIFF. As reported in the Times this week, Netflix has set its sights on Oscar gold and its presence in Toronto this year is part of a major push in that direction.

As expected, this summer's box office numbers crushed multiple records and produced the second-most successful hot season ever. As detailed in The Wrap below, most surprising about this year was that the wild success spanned from blockbusters to documentaries.

The original content pie seems destined to grow ever-larger: Deadline reported this morning that Mattel, the toy company behind such brands as Barbie, Masters of the Universe, Hot Wheels and Thomas and Friends, is launching Mattel Films, a new division focused on producing motion pictures based on the brand’s iconic franchises.

It's been four years since the unprecedented cyberattack against Sony riveted global attention by exposing the deepest secrets of a major Hollywood studio and sparked a national outcry over computer security and freedom of speech. The Los Angeles Times reported this week that the Justice Department will file charges against a North Korean national over the massive assault, which crippled a major U.S. company and disabled thousands of computers worldwide.

Finally, this week, the Hollywood Reporter took an in-depth look at the recent explosive growth of Ontario's production industry. As detailed below,  provincial agencies like Ontario Creates (formerly the OMDC) have been aggressively supporting local producers and content creators for many years and "after years of success in film and broadcast TV, (they) are now succeeding with what’s now perhaps the biggest fish of all: the streaming giants".

Warmest regards, 

Kelly Graham-Scherer

Los Angeles Representative

Toronto/ Ontario Film Office

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